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  Recent Decisions

Sheldon I. Cohen, has a proven track record in successfully obtaining favorable security clearance decisions and appeals at the Defense Office of Hearing and appeals (DOHA) and other federal agencies including these recent decisions:
DOHA ISCR No. 03-15854 (May 16, 2006) family in Israel, drug use, falsification

DOHA ISCR No. 03-14052 (March 23, 2006): Guidelines B and L, family and financial connections in India

DOHA ISCR No. 03-27040 (March 16, 2006): Guideline G, alcohol abuse

DOHA ISCR No. 04-03577 (November 25, 2005): Guideline H, drug abuse

DOHA ISCR No. 04-06564 (October 7, 2005): Guideline B, family in China -- (affirmed on appeal, May 30, 2006)

DOHA ISCR No. 02-26560 (June 9, 2005) Guidelines B, C and E, family in Lebanon and falsification

DOHA ISCR No. 04-11605 (January 31, 2006): Guidelines B and C, family and activities in Israel

DOHA ISCR No. 03-19075 (January 25, 2005): Guideline K, security violations

DOHA ISCR No. 04-10217 (September 23, 2005) Guideline B, family in South Korea

DOHA ISCR No. 02-06162 (July 7, 2003) Guideline B, contacts in India

DOHA ISCR 01-16211(March 27, 2003) Guideline B, contacts in Taiwan

DOHA ISCR No. 01-04172 (Sept. 16, 2002) Guidelines M and E, misuse of information technology

DOHA ISCR No. 98-0064 (June 24, 1998) Guideline H, drug abuse

DOHA ISCR No. 97-0387 (April 13, 1998) Guidelines J and E, criminal conduct

Other hearing and appeals decisions litigated by Sheldon I. Cohen may be found at the DOHA website: by searching under "Sheldon I. Cohen" or the Case Number.