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  National Security Law

Security Clearance Areas

National Security Law concerns issues related to the federal government in intelligence, national defense and homeland security. The firm of Sheldon I. Cohen & Assoc. represents government employees, applicants for government employment, government contractors, and employees of government contractors, not only in security clearance issues, but also in other issues dealing with classified information.

This firm represents individuals holding security clearances who deal with classified information in employment issues as part of their professional responsibilities. It represents companies with classified government contracts that have issues concerning foreign ownership, influence or control of the company. Sheldon I. Cohen & Assoc. prepares appropriate FOCI security agreements, control agreements and voting trusts, to resolve such issues.

Sheldon I. Cohen & Assoc. assists companies and individuals in obtaining security clearances for all levels of classified work. It provides counseling in the preparation of Security Clearance Questionnaires, Standard Form 86, to provide accurate and complete clearance submissions to avoid unnecessary delays in the clearance process. It also counsels companies and individuals during security clearance interviews and polygraph investigations.

Sheldon I. Cohen & Assoc. also represents individuals before Intelligence Community agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency in responding to concerns about security clearances. It represents government employees with security clearances in other work related issues.